NW Youth Camp

Official Site of the 2016 NW Youth Camp

On behalf the Northwest family of churches, we are pleased to announce that registration for the 2016 NW Youth Camp is OPEN!

This year’s camp theme is ANCHORED. Thanks again to Conner Fawcett for designing a killer logo for us! The theme for the week of camp, and the lessons taught will be based on our theme scripture:

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…

Hebrews 6:19a

The book of Hebrews is an encouragement to Christians who had converted to Christianity, mostly from a Jewish background. The truth is, living the Christian life was harder than they expected, especially in a world that promised tangible security, but never delivered it. The author was encouraging them to take hold of the one certain thing this entire existence has to offer: salvation through Jesus and his promises! The ONLY firm and secure thing this world has to offer is found through God’s word, and a relationship with God, who is over all creation, and completely devoted to our well-being. Simply put, this can be found nowhere else.

The present world we live in is no different. It promises security through great philosophies, worldly relationships, money, fame, success, and many other things too numerous to list. The thing is….these things are not firm, and in the end, do not actually offer us hope. Be careful what you put your eternal hope in.

We will spend the week exploring the rich promises of God. We will encourage the kids to think about their own salvation, and especially to consider what makes their life firm and secure. Please pray that God will move powerfully in the hearts and minds of the GREAT collection of youth in our churches!

Once again, camp will be held at Warm Beach Conference Center in Stanwood, Washington. In addition to solid Bible teaching, the kids will spend a week having a ton of fun and fellowship! There is horseback riding, sports of all kinds, miniature golf, a swimming pool, hiking, canoeing, and of course, getting dominated by the counselors in epic tug of war!

We have been planning and praying for this week ever since the end of camp last year. We hope and pray you will join us!

In Christ,
Daren & Karla Overstreet
Northwest Youth Camp Directors