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Dear Northwest Youth Camp Families,

We, the Wallaces’, are so excited to serve as Co-Directors with the Overstreets this year at the Northwest Youth Camp! Naomi and I have served in the full-time ministry for the last twelve years and I, Marcus, was a part of the first class of high school senior to attend Warm Beach back in 2000! Then and now, the one event that most of our students point to as their favorite and most inspiring event growing up is the Northwest Youth Camp. Every year, our students rave about the dynamic biblical teaching, the fellowship, the worship, and of course the fun we have every year. Parents often mention the spiritual impact that the Northwest Youth Camp has on their child and with their families. This wouldn’t be possible without all of us coming together in a spirit of unity every year. A special thanks goes to the students and families past and present for making the Northwest Youth Camp the amazing event that it is.

This year’s theme is “Imperfect.” In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul reveals an amazing truth of his (and our) relationship with God, that “[His] power is made perfect in [our] weaknesses.” God allows us to be weak, so that his incredible strength can be made evident in us! If we endure the troubles of this life and allow God to fill us up with his Holy Spirit, our wounds can produce “a harvest of righteous and peace for those who have been trained by it (Hebrews 12:11).” The entire week at Camp we will be able to share the imperfections that can define our lives and learn how a relationship with Christ can heal us and give us hope for an amazing life. Jesus is PERFECT, and we get the opportunity to be led by his love instead of our own flaws.

We can’t wait to see everyone in July! God bless & we’ll see you soon!

In Christ,

Marcus & Naomi Wallace
Northwest Youth Camp Directors

Daren & Karla Overstreet
Northwest Youth Camp Directors